Using the acronym of TEACHER to write a successful Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement as part of your UCAS application can be a bit overwhelming although the Department of Education's website does give some good  guidance about it

However, there is also a successful outline that is being shared by the Department of Education about what to include in a successful personal statement, using the acronym TEACHER: 

T – THOUGHT – what reflections do you have on your own experiences of learning and supporting others to learn?

E – EXPERIENCE – Why do you want to become a teacher?

A – APTITUDE – What skills do you have that will make you a good teacher?

C – COLLABORATION – How do you establish rapport with others to achieve shared goals?

H – HEARTFELT – What qualities do you have that will make you a good teacher?

E – ENTHUSIASM – Why are you passionate about joining the teaching profession?

R – RESILIENCE – What have you found challenging and how did you deal with it?

Remember that you only have 4000 characters/47 lines for your Personal Statement so don't waste words or spaces. Remember to draft your Personal Statement in Word (or equivalent first) and then copy and paste it into the UCAS form as that way you can check for spelling and grammatical errors and any missing words before you send it.

Good luck with writing your Personal Statement and we look forward to reading it! 


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