Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT are still recruiting for September 2020

We just thought you would like to know that we are still recruiting trainees for September 2020. Interviews are taking place on-line and some of the questions are emailed to you in advance. We have conducted a number of these types of interviews over the past three weeks and all seems to be going well and the technology has not let us down!

If you are shortlisted by our SCITT team then you will be notified by either the primary or secondary team regarding the details of your interview. A decision to make an offer to you will be made quickly but please note that arrangements regarding sending us copies of your qualifications and the details we need for your DBS checks will need to be made with you on an individual basis, if you accept our offer.

For the Secondary programme, we have set up some webinars as part of our induction to the programme in late April and early May so you can start to know more about the programme and start to feel part of the September cohort. With regards to starting in school in September, we are not going to delay the start of the training programme so the induction days at the end of August will still go ahead but a change for this year, will be that you won't be in school in the first week of September. At the moment, we do not know when schools will reopen fully and if they do open in early September then it makes sense to give them a couple of weeks to start their term in a positive and productive manner and then you will start your placement in school in about the third week of September. For those first few weeks, you will be attending our Core Training programme which will be delivered via face-to-face sessions and then online webinars too.

Induction for the Primary Tuition programme will take place on 2 days in June, while induction for the Primary Salaried programme will take place in June and August. As with the Secondary programme, the induction sessions will be delivered via webinar but you will get to ‘meet’ all the same trainers and tutors as you would have done had we been meeting face to face. The training for Primary Tuition trainees starts in September with two weeks of centre-based training so the schools will have had a chance to settle before placements start.

If you want to find out more about either our primary or secondary training programmes then have a look on our Events page and you will see the details of the recruitment information webinars that we are running in the next few weeks. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact our SCITT Team on

In these uncertain times, this information may be subject to change as the government guidance continues to evolve but suffice to say, whatever happens, we are still recruiting trainee teachers and we are looking forward to you joining us at the end of August and early September. We will adjust our programme to suit our partnership schools, whilst following government guidance, and ensuring that you have a positive and meaningful start to your teacher training programme.

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