Pioneers in teacher training?

Recently I was told by a member of staff from one of our local schools who has employed one of our newly qualified teachers that we were 'pioneers' with the teacher training we were delivering. Our focus on evidence informed teaching practices was seen as very valuable and desirable by this local school. They were surprised that that their newly qualified teacher knew so much about cognitive science and the impact of various teaching strategies. For example, how to retain knowledge in the long term memory of students. 

In all our programmes, we have definitely made a conscious effort to focus our training on strategies that the evidence tells us that works. Our involvement with the Chartered College of Teachers has helped with our focus as well as our network with local publisher John Catt  from whom we have purchased a number of books this year for all our trainees and tutors. 

We also encourage all of our trainees to engage with the local Ressearch Schools across Suffolk and Norfolk and sign up to their newsletters and engage with their activities. 

Ipswich Research School

Unity Research School

Norwich Research School

Our aim is to encourage our trainees to take a career long interest in engaging with evidence informed approaches which will enable them to teach in ways which has the most impact on progress and learning for all of the pupils in their primary and secondary classrooms. 



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